RULES: ( revised 31-Jan-2005 )
1. Reciprocal link is required to
Use text or button on same page as gallery on top of thumbs.
2. Only asian galleries are accepted
3. Link to at least three TGP's including JAVicon (no bogus or dead TGPs)
4. Thumbs must link directly to images and open in the same window
5. No gay, transexual, scat, blind links, redirect, target tags, popups or sound.
No links to the above either and no sponsors with popups/exit traps.
6. Load button images from your server
7. Minimum 10 thumbnails ( 2 if movies )
8. No links to 'Next Gallery', 'Back', 'Main' or banners that look like thumbs.
9. Submit one gallery per day maximum.

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